Sunday, 30 October 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Donna Alward – Sold to the highest bidder

Summary: For Ella, marrying Devin had seemed like a good idea at the time. Friends since childhood and in love with him for as long as she could remember, marriage had been the next logical step. Then the real world called, and Ella’s feet had itched to get out of Backwards Gulch, Colorado.   Now, with a new opportunity on the East Coast beckoning, it’s time to put her past behind her once and for all. When she sees Devin standing on a charity auction block, she decides it’s the perfect opportunity to finally get his signature on the divorce papers he never signed.   Devin’s certain about one thing when he sees Ella for the first time in twelve years—she’s not the girl he married. The way she left him still stings, and if she wants him to sign on the dotted line he’s going to make her work for it…for the full forty-eight hours she paid for.   When the old attraction flares between them, the years apart disappear and resolve melts faster than high-country snow in summer. But when Ella awakens with the same determination to get back to Denver, divorce papers in hand, she has a problem...   Devin still hasn’t signed them. (from Goodreads)



Genre: Contemporary romance, masquerading as western romance

How did I get it: I got it free for the Kindle

My thoughts on the cover: See setting.

Title: The title does a great job of setting the scene; after all, it’s the bachelor auction that sets the entire story in motion.

Characters: I cannot STAND Ella. She seriously annoys the hell out of me; I can’t believe she run away from Devin because he wasn’t willing to change for her, while she sure as hell wasn’t willing to take any step into his direction either. How can someone who is so unwilling to change anything about her be so determined to change everyone else? This really ruined the book for me, because I did like Devin and I thought he deserved so much better. Devin seems to be a good guy, a great guy, actually. He’s a giving, caring person.

Setting: It’s set in and around Durango, Colorado. This tidbit of information is seriously the only western thing about the story; I can’t figure out how this could call itself a western romance, let alone why they would’ve picked this over for the story.

General story: It annoyed the hell out of me that Ella’s pregnancy suddenly changed everything. Suddenly she was willing to give up her job, suddenly he was willing to compromise, suddenly they decided to try that marriage thing again. And all the while Ella keeps stating that she can’t put the success or failure of their marriage on the shoulders of their little baby. It just didn’t make any sense.

What also bugged me, is that we don’t get to see why they would be so perfect for each other. The entire book is devoted to showing us how they argue when they’re together, except when they’re having sex. At one point Devin literally says: “I can’t seem to stay away from you, Ell. I’m with you and I want to touch you. I’d rather argue with you than not talk at all. And I’d rather make love than argue.” And the story just doesn’t seem to stray from this astute summary of their relationship. It doesn’t seem to make any sense for these two to be together.

Will I read other books from this author? Probably not.

Hotness: 3/5

Overall rating: 2 stars

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