Friday, 25 January 2013

Firefly: The official companion, volume one (5/5)

Series: Firefly companions, #1



Genre: Series companions

This is the book for you if you like:

Firefly and reading scripts

Summary: (from book)

Exclusive new intereviews with Joss Whedon, the cast, executive producer Tim Minear and many other writers and crewmembers.

Full, uncut shooting scripts for the episodes ‘Serenity’, ‘The Train Job’, ‘Bushwacked’, ‘Shindig’, ‘Safe’ and ‘Our Mrs. Reynolds’, annotated with comments from the cast and crew.

Scores of rare and previously unpublished images, including behind-the-scenes shots, production art, and original Firefly props and costumes photographed especially for this book.

Thoughts on covers:

It’s Firefly!


It’s Firefly!

Characters & Setting:


General opinion:

I’ve read a lot of companions and every one of them is different. I really, really like this one. It’s informative and also really, really pretty.

This is basically the shooting scripts of the first seven episodes. If you don’t like reading scripts, this is not the book for you. Of the 175 pages, 129 pages are scripts. I really liked reading these. For one, the book includes the original shooting scripts, so there are scenes in there that have never made it to the screen. Secondly, every script is littered with comments from cast and crew about things that happened during filming.

If you’re intrigued by the costume and props department, this book is awesome. Most of the non-script pages focus on this aspect of the series, as do quite a lot of the comments on the scripts.

There are also one-page interviews with everyone of the main cast and an eight-page interview with Joss Whedon.

This companion is definitely worth your time!

Will I read the other instalments in this series?

I’ve got the next one lined up!

Overall rating: 5/5

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