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REVIEW: Lacey Alexander – French Quarter (1/5) [18+]

Series: Hot in the City, #1

Couple of covers:

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Genre: Erotic romance

How did I get it: I got it free for the Kindle

Summary: When prim, proper Liz Marsh suspects her fiancé is cheating on her, she’s almost too embarrassed to hire a P.I. to prove it. And when she gathers her courage and walks into Jack Wade’s office, she has no idea he’ll be the sexiest man she’s ever encountered, nor that his light Cajun accent will make her tingle in all the wrong—or is that right?—places.

After Jack brings her questionable yet undeniably arousing evidence, the only solution is for Liz to get a closer look with her own eyes. And Jack is more than happy to show her everything she’s been missing. One night in the French Quarter’s entrancing red light district, and Liz finds herself caught up in the sensual allure of an erotic new atmosphere and the sudden, urgent need to experience it for herself—with Jack.

Jack’s normally a keep-it-casual guy, but as nights with Liz get hotter, so do Jack’s feelings for the sensual woman in his arms. Bourbon Street decadence beckons and Liz embarks on a sizzling journey of sexual awakening that has her more willing to shed her inhibitions minute by carnal minute. But someone else has noticed her insatiable appetite for sensual adventure, someone who’s just beginning to realize what he’s lost—and who’s determined to tear Jack and Liz apart…

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Favourite cover: I think the right cover is too crowded; it gives me a chaotic feeling. The left, dark one is really sensual and thus definitely the better one. I believe it fits the story.

Title: See setting.

Characters: Liz is breaking free of her restraints and finding her sexuality; I liked that she wasn’t afraid to follow her urges, to do what she felt was right. She really lets go of her strict upbringing and that was a joy to read.

We don’t really get to see much of Jack, aside form his sexuality, so it was kind of hard to get a connection to him. His ridiculous French interjections really annoyed me. Some of them didn’t make any sense at all; they seriously weren’t French, they were just French words mixed into the story to… make Jack look more exotic, or something?

Todd’s decline from loving-but-boring-fiancé to threatening-ex-lover seemed a bit… forced. Maybe it was necessary for the story to make him into a villain, but it didn’t seem logical that he would go that far.

Setting: It’s set in the French Quarter of New Orleans, which is where (apparently) all the decadence of the world comes together. It’s the place where Liz learns to let go of her inhibitions and thus very important to the story; I do believe it’s the perfect title for this book.

General story: The plot in this one is really flimsy and mostly just a way to get from one hot scene to the other. Which would be okay (because the sex scenes are good), if it wasn’t flimsy in a bad way. One of the things that really angered me, was that this book uses the almost rape of Liz by her ex-fiancée Todd to have Jack jump in as the protector. This casual way of using rape is worsened by the fact that Liz doesn’t seem to be fazed by it in the slightest and has sex with Jack the next day.

There was one aspect of the relationship between Jack and Liz that really bugged me: they don’t communicate. It entirely exists of two things: Jack desperate to protect Liz and Liz and Jack having sex. All kinds of sex – without talking about what they want or any kinds of boundaries. Even in an erotic romance the relationship should seem real; even if they both want what they’re doing, they should be talking about it. I can’t see them having any relationship outside of their sexual experiences, but that is where the story is going.

Will I read other books from this author? Probably not.

Will I read the next instalment in this series? No.

Hotness: 5/5

Overall rating: 1 stars

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